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5 minutes before I fell asleep I auto-wrote the prophecy of the entire eventuality and fell asleep. 😴

The next day I was afraid to open the computer because of it was there. But encouraged by y'all to post it as is 🙃.  


What's next??




Recorded history about to be eliminated


Without recorded history, we will only have The Now! 


2077 ---Transformation


Hierarchy transform to circling 


Government decentralized


Money won’t be earned, or inherited; money won't exist and transforms into movement of intentions. 


Explosive Energy transform to free energy


Intellectuality transforms to Emotionality, and then to Intentionality.


Physical theories and Biological theories conjoin into IntentioMagnetic theories 


---First Spark 


Time stop being measured by the stars; Time modifies to magnetic moments mediated by Intentions.


The Time-Space dimension remodel to an IntentioMagnetic dimension 


The Pyramids, aliens, angels and all mysteries explained at the IntentioMagnetic dimension


---Second Spark 


The age of the hypersensual being, a world where nobody speaks, and when someone speaks, something monumental happens.


Structures like the Pyramids will be built again under balanced Matriarchy (InetntioMagnetism) with humans special abilities. 


Death transform to an IntentioMagnetic spark Wherever the body evaporates and the IntentioMagnetic field of the dead person relocate under full public consciousness to a new collection or degenerate. 


---Third Spark 


We learn to breed a pure set of IntentioMagnetic sparks to create matter. 


Discovering that sets of IntentioMagnetic sparks spinning webs of CreatoMagnetism.


---Love explained


IntentioMagnetism remodels into CreatoMagnetism


Human transform to CreatoMagnetic empyreal beings with no body. 


CreatoMagnetism, which I have no freaking sense how, can transform matter into something in our own image, ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I can’t. 


I can only suggest overcoming patriarchy first to be able to sense such hyperrealities, and we won't be able to detect it until we hit the first spark, and the first step is balanced Matriarchy to set our senses free again. 

'why, why, why?' ​

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