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House of Words

In May 2018, Ariel De Lion presented to New York, House of Words, primarily based on De Lion's theory, IntentioMagnetism.
House of Words is a building encrypted with treasure map–style hints that connect it to 10 other Bushwick community locations and three World Wonders, infusing intention into every element of the facade created by sculptor Khalil Chishtee. The staircases showcase a permanent text-art exhibition by artist James Arthur Vogel and a life-size typography portrait of Ariel De Lion by painter Chloe Louise Smith using De Lion's quotes known as #arielism. 


 In the inaugural exhibition, curated by Jennifer Tone, 24 artists imbue the space’s seven galleries and rooftop with a sense of play and exploration, as well as ethological reciprocity and an emerging architecture of the human spirit. 


The residential building has an architectural and decorative aesthetic that harmoniously blends Bushwick’s factory style with Manhattan’s industrial swank. ‘Unfinished’ floors create an art-studio vibe that is inspiringly juxtaposed with polished apartment amenities. 

For more information about the gallery, its arts programming, and its residencies, or to request an interview with the author, curator, or artists, please visit



Continual Exhibit by Sculptor, Khalil Chishtee, and Author, Ariel De Lion.

Elisabeth Louy • Lynn Gentry • Lena Di • Alexandru Vijolan • Hannah Hill • Morgan Lang • Kurt Ritta • Nima Veiseh • James Arthur Vogel • Derval Fairweather • Soraya Broukhim • David Baren • Jaleeca Yancy • Chloe Louise Smith • David Block • Kristina Block • The Art Rising • Hannah Ross • HMN Creative • Julianne Irene • Olga Dobrowolska • Andrei Matorin • Tom Montagliano • dreeemy


In collaboration with Future Clear, Ambrosia, B.A.E., X Marks the Loft, charity: water, DOMLO,  GT’s Kombucha, and Lindsey Arden.



Curator: Jennifer Tone

Co-Producer: Reem Abdou



poetry • photography • painting • sculpture • performance art • experimental live music • light art • immersive and interactive installations 


House of Words

30 Belvidere Street

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY


photo credit: House of Words

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Pics credit: House of Words

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