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Roof Matters

And so the story goes; on August 30th 2015, Ariel De Lion rented with Christopher Zeus a filthy rooftop in one of the dirtiest buildings in Tel Aviv.


 The weather was intensely hot and Israel got hit by a sandstorm from Syria, unfortunately there was no working AC on the roof. It was a dusty sweat lodge, with an average of 7-10 showers a day to survive. The mission was, where can we place a four ton heavy pool on a 70 year old, seven story wrecked building, without crushing the whole thing. 


The crew went on a 007 mission to explore the building, we filled a cup with bourbon and knocked on neighbors doors to find where the Columns of the building are. Most of the building tenants were immigrants from Africa or Palestinians who works in Tel Aviv. They were all super happy to speak with us, obviously we never told them about the pool ... just in case.

We settled the pool on top of the building main Column and the roof became a bathing spot for the neighborhood artists. The tale about the pool went viral to the point that it was always crowded with new bathers... 


Setting up


Yuval Guttman built a tiki Bar, Dan F Bloch built a kitchenette, Tamir Lichtenberg created a shed, Hadas Kedar, Urik Hartov and Hagit Yaron took care of the baptizing area and the roof became a charm as the weather got friendly.


The Dead Man


After two weeks, the poor old childless neighbor under the roof died and wrote the landlord in his will; "give everything in the household to the building tenants", we waited couple of days to let the other tenants grab what they needed and took the rest. The roof was cordially decorated with the dead man belongings, the living and the dead incarnated into one world.


The exhibition


Held on Sep 27


Curated by Moshe Gershon and Ariel De Lion.



Fortuna, Sharon Zargari, Tamir Lichtenberg, Tzvi Ben Aretz, Asaf Setty, Oz Malul, Zamir Shatz, Itay Sendowski, Yuval Guttman, Robin Marty, Liat Hardberg, Noah and Uri Reinhart and Ido Bar-el.


Adi Noy, Tomer Peer, Gutteé, Daniel Slabosky and Amanda'Mour


Tel Aviv"'s divining vials 

27 vials, filled with the pool dirty water were sold at the exhibition.

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