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Wake Up Chen

"Wake Up Chen" presents a model of Intentio-Magnetic Therapy, a scientific-spiritual-technological prognosis in a futuristic-Ancient style, intended to empower the placebo of a patient by tuning their body, intentions, thoughts, and emotions. The model scientifically called "Wheels Model" was first presented in 2016, at the Arizona TSC Conference - supported by Tucson University, and at the SAND Conference in San Jose. The model received considerable attention at the conferences, the endorsements of MD. Deepak Chopra as significant and groundbreaking., Dr. Larry Dossey, MD., Dr. Stuart Hamroff, and more. 

Distant Healers

For the purpose of examining the matter, Ariel De Lion sought the support of the Department of the Arts, the Cultural Division, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, and the independent non-for-profit Center, HaMekarer and on December 11, 2019 embarked on the first pilot of the Intentio-Magnetic Therapy test model, named after the patient "Wake Up Chen". 

The Facility

The selected patient, artist, and model Chen Cohen, 36, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and anorexia, built a treatment bed that provided viewers and participants with a focal point of concentration. 

Wheels Model

In "Wake Up Chen", De Lion examine with medical monitoring the effect of words, sentences, melodies, situations, and intentions on a patient in a meditative state, without any clinical intervention. During the run of the test, four days, Chen entered the bed with her eyes covered, avoiding any form of communication, connected to EEG, pulse, blood pressure, bone and fractures test, and more. 

Wake Up Chen

At the same time, thousands of spectators were invited by Ariel De Lion to watch her live online to heal her. Additionally, up to a hundred authors, artists, musicians, poets, healers, mentors, and people with a fascinating healing story were hosted by De Lion, with the intention to intervene in the space and take turns performing their practice on Chen. All monitoring results documented by a research team and analyzed, and since the trial, the patient has been reporting significant improvement in her health and mental state. The research team continues to monitor her healing progress closely. 

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