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Consciousness science

​Honest Resonance connection through a coma subject 

Throughout conventional science there is no such phrase as “healing from a distance”. The format herein, illustrates the enormous power of reality TV and streaming as a scientific therapeutic tool.


Wake up Elizabeth is a broadcasted clinical trial in which the audience, referred to as global consciousness, interact on a futuristic-built scientific platform, intended to heal and eventually wake a person in Coma, under constant video surveillance and monitoring. 

While in the ‘scientific model’, the patient is completely isolated from the conventional treatment and direct medical applications. This rule, however, requires full family consent and stable medical condition. The format of the series is an interactive scientific experiment.


While uniting towards the climax of awakening, the series allows viewers to interact and form a personal relationship directly with the patient through designated streaming platforms and witness their direct impact on the clinical trial results.

Though isolated in the scientific model, the patient inner circle of influence includes mediators and charismatic figures such as healers, monks, comedians, musicians, guest stars and a host. All united towards the patient awakening! 


Should the patient not show any signals of awakening, whatsoever, they could be discharged from the scientific model, and replaced with an alternate patient. The awakened patient will achieve a grand prize of $250,000 intended for rehabilitation.


TV format and scientific model has been written, endorsed and reviewed by Deepak Chopra, Brahma Kumaris, received conference endorsements at The Science of Conciseness conference 2016 and SAND 2016. It has been presented to several major Television studios. Interest is very high but emphasis has been placed on wanting a TV Pilot produced prior to commitment. The project is ready to go into production immediately upon close of funding.


The "Wheels" model is a novel scientific method built on an amplified global collective consciousness. An acceleration platform to attract streaming through the internet, tv and similar media platforms, to unite and direct global thoughts and compassion towards one detectable target (e.G. Coma patient physical measures).

the principals have over 10 years of experience in the media and pharmaceutical industries.




The cumulative expertise and knowledge of the principals associated with this project make it possible to accomplish many production and distribution steps with reduced financial impact thus requiring less investment funding than typically expected. The principals have over 10 years of experience in the media and pharmaceutical industries.


Ariel De Lion, “Since our formation, we have embarked upon a mission to focus on developments that pave a way towards meeting the challenges of global consciousness, and to offer innovative studies and experiments to better understand the phenomena for the benefit of humankind and evolution.”


AlephnUll has been developing its activities in close collaboration with health professionals, clinical research experts and philosophers.


Developing the AlephnUll guidelines through our featured website: as well as with our literature, publications and the description of our broadcasting module, are examples of the different platforms to recruit the global consciousness.

the extradimensional "bulk"



If particles can escape from our brane into the extradimensional "bulk" that lies beyond, this in turn has beautiful applications in the theory of mirror symmetry, a situation where two Calabi–Yau manifolds look very different geometrically but are nevertheless equivalent when employed as extra dimensions of string theory.


Optional Premise:

The part of the realm just below consciousness and capable of bursting into consciousness through a black hole or our eyes, the light stops at the event horizon(Retina) while bits of information, one at a time escapes/collapse into the extradimensional “bulk” that lies beyond(Consciousness) to form word segments, sentences and eventually Ideas and new inventions into an amorphous collective consciousness.

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