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Hostel Ayalon

Hostel Ayalon is a recording studio and performance space on 6 Ben Shemen st in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The place is preserved as is since the '70s.

Hostel Ayalon was founded in 2005 by Ariel De Lion as a non-profit organization to support the local music, poetry and visual art.


In the early 80s, Israel's most famous female poet, Yona Wallach, spent at Hostel Ayalon her last few years with her partner, Yuval Rivlin, and wrote there, most of her famous poetry books. 

The place was a deserted lofts complex,built by Rivlin and Rafi Persky with the generosity of Yona Wallach, she knew she is dying and wanted to fulfill the wish of her young lover, who always dreamt to build a recording studio.

After the death of Wallach in 1985, Yuval Rivlin, transferred the space to the Danish producer, Ralph Levitan. The place became known at that time mainly because of highly publicized legal feud between Levitan and Zvika Pik, an Israeli pop icon and TV star.

In 2005, Levitan transferred the place to Ariel De Lion, who has devoted the place to the artistic practice and legacy of Yona Wallach. 


During the years 2005 to 2010, Hostel Ayalon operated as a sub culture space for artists, poets and musicians in collaboration with The Zimmer, Pit/Kit, guerrilla Tarbut, 'Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem' and 'Israel Museum, Jerusalem.' 

In 2009, Ariel De Lion produced a collective album titled Hostel Ayalon, with the participation of over 60 artists from multidisciplinary fields such as Video, Music, Poetry and Photography. The album was released in a limited edition of 1,000 copies by the Tav8 and the Third Ear In Israel, and Vopo Records in Germany. 

Track Num. 9 was a spoken word track with Yona Wallach's voice and the album was dedicated to her memory.


Ariel de Lion, “Hostel Ayalon" (a collection of audio, video and poetry published by Tav 8, 2009)


Igal Sarna, "Yona Wallach" (biography)-(2009)

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