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The Mau Mau Gazette

Rockaways, New York July 2016 - THE BATTLE FOR MAU MAU ISLAND is an annual flotilla event that takes place on the water in different locations around Jamaica bay New York. The event is accessible only by water and invites participants through open enrollment to adopt personas, form costumed "gangs" and build DIY watercraft for engaging public waterways as a form of loose improvised theater.


The event consists of a series of "maritime challenges" where the teams engage in friendly, competition (listed below in event guidelines).


MAU MAU is FREE and open to the public (18 years+) to anyone who reads the guidelines and says, yes I really want to do that, which always brings out a lot of great people. Our goal is to increase the use and awareness of public waterways, specifically their potential as a frontier of temporary arts and theatrical spaces, recognizing the increasing scarcity of free creative space in NYC.  

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