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Booklet for the young prophet at century 21


This booklet is an essential guide to self-discovery, resolute to ignite concealed prophetic skills within you and by thus help define the map of higher consciousness. It can be a life-changer for individuals who perceive that they have prophetic abilities or are completely oblivious of their gift; This booklet is a how-to-function manual for Thought leaders, Idea makers and Spiritual mentors. 

Meticulously written and edited with TLC for the 21st Century by Ariel De Lion, Idan Peer and AlephnUll Collective, a team of worldwide professionals with different backgrounds aiming to create an active ground required to set a foundation for research, examination and literature of the consciousness phenomena, for the benefit of mankind. 

In early 2016, AlephnUll released 2 booklets in conscious science at The Science of Consciousness conference in Tuscon: 
¥ Booklet for the Young Prophet at Century 21 
¥ Booklet of the Wheels 
The booklets gained massive attention and great reviews, not only from the academic community but also from the major speakers at the conference; Deepak Chopra, Stuart Hameroff, Dean Radin, Maurizio Benazzo, Eileen Day McKusick and more. 

Many of the prophetically inclined people get in touch with their gifting long before they cultivate the corresponding wisdom, humility and character, which are necessary for a prophet to succeed. At first glance, they may appear arrogant and obstinate; this is a consequence of their devotion. Evidently, as years go by, these outcomes usually intensify due to fear, hurt and rejection. The average person who has experienced prophetic abilities for an approximate decade is commonly shaken, bashed up and bruised. 

The gifted ability is not attributed to a person’s genetics, but a variation of the common state of thoughts we all have. This booklet is a compilation of hand-picked definitions and clarifications, to present the difficulties and challenges that the prophetically inclined may face during their lifetime. Many of the booklet’s articles were obtained from leading speakers throughout the prophetic history, some sources were translated from different languages and cultures, others were established in the 21st century. 

Inside the Booklet For The Young Prophet At Century 21 you will discover a trove of knowledge under the following topics: 
• A Practical Guide through the Phenomena of prophecy. 
• How to Boost Performance. 
• Distinctions between prophecy and judgment. 
• The Art of oratory. 
• Sexual immorality. 
• Self-promotional desires. 
• How to deal with frustration and rejection. 
• Modern-day Prophets difficulties. 
• Nature of relationship between Leaders and Prophets. 
• The ways of 'Les Miserables'. 
• Allowing past hurt to influence prophecy. 
• Selective hearing and pride. 
• Powerful Articles & Much More!!! 

In order to address the public sensibility and with an abstinence from prejudice, we remodeled some of the religious articles by excluding the “zeros” and the “gods”. Flicking through the pages of this booklet may ignite concealed prophetic skills within you, and thus help define the map of higher consciousness.

Booklet of the Wheels


What could scientifically occur when a large mass of human beings gather to join and participate on a large scale collective consciousness study for a divine cause?


Could they change the laws of physics as we know?


How strong does the Honest Resonance within the orchestrated group affect the collective consciousness?


In today’s world of 2016, we came to connect and examine this phenomena through cutting edge scientific models, to test and evaluate this novel approach.

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