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Punk hapoalim

Fictional band, formed at 2006.


A collaboration of Yaron Attar, Tamir Lichtenberg and Ariel De Lion.


Started as a Project for Biennial ARTTLV 2008 featuring the piece, "Tracktorium E45e"


"The exhibition, part of the ARTLV event, is sponsored by a bank and a real estate company, and is taking place in a historical building that, no doubt, post-renovation will become one of the most expensive spots in Tel Aviv. Sponsoring art has become one of the main methods by which affluent people pay their debt to society and engage in the community. This linkage between money and art – the behind the scenes of the ARTLV event at large – must raise a question concerning the current status and position of art in the capitalist food chain."

– The curator, Hadas Kedar 


the name 'Punk Hapoalim' is an epigram, play on words with the name of the major bank in Israel, 'Bank Hapoalim'.

Hapoalim = (EN) Workers 


"Moto-Punk", the second video in the series, exhibited in Sheffa Art.

At 2009 Punk Hapoalim released their debut album-"Brittany Shappira".

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