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LES.FM I Lower East Side Radio founded at the Lower East Side, New York City in August 2011 at the Ludlow Studio on 177 Ludlow Street. A mythological rehearsal space, home to Blondie, Suicide, Suffocation, The Rapture, The Ramones, Lady Gaga, etc. The formation of the radio was a mutual effort of Marco Megira, Ariel De Lion, and Clayton Patterson. After six months, Marco sold the building, and the radio moved to The Living Theatre on 21 Clinton Street. A year later, The Living Theatre lost their space, and The Radio moved east to Bushwick into the Music Wagon collective on 347 Maujer Street. 


LRS.FM - Station ID - Unknown Artist



Highly Acclaimed shows:


  • Saturdays: Anarchy LES, Brent Wellington Barker III and Willie Woo Styx interviewing protesters and leaders during the fall 2011 protests.

  • Daily at 3 pm: ElviRaw Mistress of the light with Wendy Eden-Harris, Raw food and healthy living. 

  • Fridays: 'Brutal Bitches Radio'. Alissa Shimansky hosting live metal bands from the Bronx. 

  • Wednesdays: Winter Jazz fest with Eyal Maoz, showcases from The Stone of John Zorn and abroad..  

  • Thursdays: Clayton Patterson introducing the Lower East Side hip hop and young clans. 

    Fallout Shelter with Domino Grey 

  • Sundays; Hokum Show Funk and Talk show.

  • New Years Eve special broadcast, Streaming live 'The History of The World’: "At 85, Judith Malina rocket from prehistory (positing Neanderthal practices of female enslavement) to the Crucifixion; religious wars (“There is no God!” a theatergoer spontaneously cried on a recent night); the Age of Discovery (the audience members lie on their backs, arms simulating ocean waves as Columbus sailed past); the French Revolution; the Industrial Revolution; the Internet; and, of course, Occupy Wall Street.” -New York Times


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