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The Monsters Club:
Hostel Ayalon


Short Zombies play I wrote a few years ago for a party we called the Monsters Club, not the sharpest teeth of the vampire, but quite fun and we kinda played it at the event before the dance party… (Pictures and video below)

As the night began, the guests ought to fight two Ninjas to get in. 

Longtime club announcer, Mr. Ass! Introduced the acts, along with a promise for a murder in one of the rooms, as a good Monsters party is not a party, without one murder or few…


There were four rooms in the club: 

  1. The Wolfwoman, the founder of the club, had the smallest room, as she’s there once every full moon. 

  2. The Shedmock, had a room with no toilet, so he constantly had to sneak into the Vampire’s room to do his loathed things.

  3. Room for Dead people, they must be stuffed someplace… 

  4. The Vampire room, a highly acclaimed member of the club and a toilet owner.


As the place got stuffed with monsters, the Vampire felt a little starved and went back to his room, to suck his young love target, but she was not there… he stepped slowly into the restroom and couldn’t look away, he felt an odd pushing or pulling feeling against him and an effect of a cloudy white energy distorting everything else in his eyesight but his love target, pooped and dead, wasted on his glistening toilet seat. 

The vampire went out with mighty screams awakening the hidden ghosts inside all party monsters and they all ran around screaming. The murderer realized he killed the Vampire’s love target and escaped into the diversion stage to bewilder the monsters with punk music.


Everybody screams… the Shedmock, woke up from the screams and went to pee in the vampire’s toilet, as he walked in he saw the dead love target. Somehow, he managed to pee between her legs but got distorted by the screams and decided to awaken the Wolfwoman, clumsily peeing all over her on his way out…

The Shedmock opened the Wolfwoman’s window to reveal the full moon and she instantly felt a dead love target in the club. The Wolfwoman extremely dislikes dead love targets and bare her teeth, displaying sorts of aggression hisses as she bends low with her tail and legs tucked under her torso. Her ears grew flat against her head and she began to yowl at the moon. Her weeps were so dense, she zombified ‘some not in the mood to wake up’ dead people from the dead people room and also, the dead love target!


Everybody screams… Cranky zombies crowding around the diversion stage, the music is not enough, they want the brain of the murderer and so he jumps into the zombie crowd and plays until the music stopped. The love target walks in. Zombified, pooped and peed, a walking corpse, the vampire strained and sore, looked at her disgustedly as she approaches him smelling with the loathed Shedmock’s pee and that was it for the Vamp!

All monsters and ghosts stopped screaming as the Vamp transformed into his most evil form to damned the Monsters club, with the torment of eternal awakening!

Until this day and beyond, all monsters are tired and awake, inflaming mayhem at the clubhouse.


Party time!!!

The forerunner of the cherry blossom:
House of Yes


Cherries in December?! What magic is this? The Prophet of the Cherry Blossoms must be afoot!

Play by Ariel De Lion and Heather Mo'Witz

DJ - Anna Morgan

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