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The Retiring Vampire

The Retiring Vampire arrived in Costa Rica from New York for two weeks in February, and probably will spend the rest of the” dream year” 2020 here - meanwhile sharpening his teeth in the local culture on a weekly column in a local magazine the "Magzuma News.” The Retiring Vampire Column is roughly the retirement experience of an urban vampire seeking to examine the environment and nature of a country where nature is more Potent and Juicier than society's neck.

Wake Up Chen

"Wake Up Chen" presents a model of Intentio-Magnetic Therapy, a scientific-spiritual-technological prognosis in a futuristic-Ancient style, intended to empower the placebo of a patient by tuning their body, intentions, thoughts, and emotions. The model scientifically called "Wheels Model" was first presented by De Lion and Peer, in 2016, at the Arizona TSC Conference - supported by Tucson University...


Department of Odd Missions and Lay Off is a New York City production of a multi-layered work of theatre, media, and science created by Israeli-American Author Ariel De Lion, American Artist James Arthur Vogel, and American director Glenora Blackshire. It is primarily based on De Lion’s theory, IntentioMagnetism, with inspiration also taken from spy movies, science fiction, especially..

Ego Maniacs 

"Ego Maniacs" is a song recorded by Israeli-American author Ariel De Lion. WLM and Universal Music Group released it as the second single from De Lion's debut English studio album ״Ego Maniacs״. The video clip, created by Yaron Peled, won "The Lucky" at Sacramento Film and Music Festival 2011 and was described as rebellious in press reviews after MTV refused to air it on their...

House of Words 

In May 2018, De Lion presented to New York, House of Words, primarily based on De Lion's theory, IntentioMagnetism. House of Words is a building encrypted with treasure map–style hints that connect it to 10 other Bushwick community locations and three World Wonders, infusing intention into every element of the facade created by sculptor Khalil Chishtee. The staircases showcase a permanent text-art ...


7.8 Billion live on this planet. 7.8 Billion intentions. Even more magnificent than humanly possible to imagine is what would happen if 7.8 Billion intentions were pointed towards one mutual goal. Through their different disciplines and over 30 years of association, Peer and De Lion interdisciplinary mutual assistance conceived the pseudo-scientific-technological "Intentio-magnetics" theory.

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