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Dudu Topaz:
Hakol 10. Ch.10

01/09/2006 - 01/06/2007

Dudu Topaz (20 September 1946-20 August 2009) was a TV personality, comedian, actor, screenwriter, playwright, author, radio and TV presenter Israel. Awarded "David's violin prize".


Israeli media dubbed him the "First in entertainment" and "The King of ratings", due to the widespread commercial success as an entertainer and general popularity.


In 2009 he was arrested for allegedly ordering acts of violence causing injuries to various media figures, admitted his actions and committed suicide a few weeks later in a jail cell.

Thank God You're Here: Ch.10


Thank God You're Here is an Australian television improvised comedy program created by Working Dog Productions, which premiered on Network Ten on 5 April 2006, and aired for the first three seasons and on Seven for the fourth season.

Each episode involves performers walking through a door into an unknown situation, greeted by the line "Thank God you're here!". They then had to improvise their way through the scene. At the end of each episode a winner was announced.


The format was sold for recreation in Israel in 2007 and was hosted by Moni Moshonov.

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