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2077 by Ariel

“I saw the wind expanding, spirals of green fractals all around me. It was like nothing else existed, just trust and suspension, frozen in time. But somehow, I felt high as a kite! I didn't want it to end; I was ready for more, and then bam! I was launched up like a rocket. And then I felt a presence, a familiar one, and I was hypnotized, frozen, not even breathing. My eyesight opened up 360 degrees, and suddenly I was on a white ground with a wet surface, and I heard a sound like a freezer fan. But slowly, my eyes adjusted to the light, and I saw a glowing spinning wheel within a wheel surrounded by a white haze from afar."

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Ariel’s path to writing “2077” is a tapestry woven from years of immersive experiences and profound engagements with history, spirituality, and nature. Originating from Jerusalem, Ariel’s journey began with a deep dive into the ancient mysteries of the Nile, the pyramids of Egypt, and the historical sites of Israel. This two-decade-long research laid the groundwork for his expansive understanding of the past and its whispers into the present.

The pivotal moment in Ariel’s journey came during an epiphany in 2018 from which Ariel dedicated his life to 2077. Residing within the storied walls of Jerusalem’s Old City amidst the solitude of COVID, Ariel found the silence and spiritual richness of the surroundings to be the perfect crucible for creativity. It was here that the majority of the first book of the “2077” series was penned, influenced by conversations with spiritual leaders who imparted insights transcending time.

The quest for deeper understanding led Ariel to the verdant wilderness of the Costa Rican jungle. Among yogis and shamans, he connected with a world far removed from the ancient stones of Jerusalem. This year-long sojourn in nature’s embrace was more than a retreat; it was a gestation period for the entire four-book series. Surrounded by the raw vitality of the jungle and engaged in spiritual practices, Ariel conceived the broad vistas of “2077,” envisioning a speculative future that interweaves the ancient with the visionary.

Now operating out of Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, Ariel has built a multifaceted career not only as a published author but also as a seasoned actor and a vibrant community thinker. His experiences—ranging from the founding of cultural and creative hubs like Hostel Ayalon, the House of Words, and the DOMLO Center, to his acting in diverse productions and his recognition in the music industry—have all contributed layers of depth to his journey writing 2077.

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