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"De Lion, who arrived in Bushwick ten years ago from Tel Aviv to sign with Universal Music Group, became a beacon of tendencies in New York City, and the mind behind numerous highly acclaimed creative projects in Bushwick."

- Entrepreneur Mag

Upon Ariel arrival to New York in 2010-2011 a branch of Universal Music Group signed Ariel's band "De Lion" following De Lion's hit song "Ego Maniacs" participation in few compilations and getting "The Lucky" at Sacramento Music and Film Festival. Shortly thereafter, with the guidance of the legendary photographer, Clayton Patterson, Ariel musically directed a radio station, LES FM (Lower East Side Radio).

In 2012 they went on tour in New York, Canada and few festivals throughout the United States.

Ariel teamed up with few actors from The Living Theatre and founded in Bushwick, a community of artists, "Music Wagon."

From 2012-2014 Music Wagon art collective tour and participated with its two bands De Lion and P-Ode in acclaimed festivals in the east coast, such as Camp Bisco, BangOn NYC, Return to the Roots,CMG, House of Yes and in 2014 the collective incorporated with the JunXion, an event production group with a large assortment of Art Cars.


Ariel De Lion, 40, born in Jerusalem and grew up in Tel Aviv, at the end of the nineties began to publish poetry and self-published four self-produced albums in cassettes to pass between travelers. At the beginning of the millennium, Ariel became known after his single "Sham Bakibuts" performed at the Israeli's American Idol "Kokhav Nolad" and hit the radio. In 2005 he founded Hostel Ayalon in Tel Aviv and took part in the creation of the Tel Aviv art collectives; The Zimmer, Darom, Shoken 6 and Pit/Kit. Ariel's screenwriting career initiated on Channel 10 and then, Reshet, in various programs including "Shavua Sof', 'Dudu Topaz', 'Thank God You're Here' with Muni Mushonov. He conceptualized and wrote, "Doctor X" for the National Road Safety Authority of Israel, the program is running in the school's program since 2006.


In 2009 Hatav Hashmini published his album "Hostel Ayalon," he presented "Punk Hapoalim" at Art TLV and the acclaimed installation "Casino Ayalon", first in his venue Hostel Ayalon, followed by an adaptation by Bezalel Academy Art Gallery.


In November 2015, Ariel founded Alephnull Collective with IDan Peer. The pair clinical study led to the discovery of the "Wheels Model" and "IntentioMagnetism". In 2017 De Lion and James Vogel formed DOMLO, a New York City production of a multi-layered work of theatre, media, and science. It is primarily based on De Lion's theory, IntentioMagnetism, with inspiration also taken from spy movies, science fiction (especially those of X-files, Mossad, Archer), as well as some reference to the 1978 Stargate Project, to investigate the potential for Psychic Phenomena. 


The act expanded from Vogel's 2017 Broadway Store, DOMLO Center(at 1087 Broadway), and played during the events of Thunder Gumbo, House of Yes, BangOn NYC, Elements Festival, Gratitude Migration, Illuminati Ball, and more. 


DOMLO published materials on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Mag, Buzzfeed, Maayan, Erev Rav, and an Odd Mission a day on social media since 2018. From 2017 to mid-2018 DOMLO collected over 12,000 surveys and 50 hours of recorded materials, during performances at 15 large scale events internationally. 


In 2019 DOMLO received supporting funds by the Department of the Arts, Cultural Division, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, and the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.


De Lion's research first introduced to the academy at The Science of Consciousness conference 2016, in Arizona(TSC) and received the endorsements of Deepak Chopra, Dr. Larry Dossey, and others. For the purpose of examining the matter, Ariel De Lion sought the support of the Department of the Arts, the Cultural Division, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, and the independent non-for-profit Center, HaMekarer and on December 11, 2019 embarked on the first pilot of the Intentio-Magnetic Therapy test model, named after the patient "Wake Up Chen". 


The selected patient, artist, and model Chen Cohen, 36, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and anorexia, built a treatment bed that provided viewers and participants with a focal point of concentration. In "Wake Up Chen", De Lion examine with medical monitoring the effect of words, sentences, melodies, situations, and intentions on a patient in a meditative state, without any clinical intervention. During the run of the test, four days, Chen entered the bed with her eyes covered, avoiding any form of communication, connected to EEG, pulse, blood pressure, bone and fractures test, and more. 


At the same time, thousands of spectators were invited by Ariel De Lion to watch her live online to heal her. Additionally, up to a hundred authors, artists, musicians, poets, healers, mentors, and people with a fascinating healing story were hosted by De Lion, with the intention to intervene in the space and take turns performing their practice on Chen. All monitoring results documented by a research team and analyzed, and since the trial, the patient has been reporting significant improvement in her health and mental state. The research team continues to monitor her healing progress closely. 


In May 2018, De Lion presented to New York, House of Words, primarily based on De Lion's theory, IntentioMagnetism. House of Words is a building encrypted with treasure map–style hints that connect it to 10 other Bushwick community locations and three World Wonders, infusing intention into every element of the facade created by sculptor Khalil Chishtee. The staircases showcase a permanent text-art exhibition by artist James Arthur Vogel and a life-size typography portrait of Ariel De Lion by painter Chloe Louise Smith using De Lion's quotes known as #arielism. 


 In the inaugural exhibition, curated by Jennifer Tone, 24 artists imbue the space's seven galleries and rooftop with a sense of play and exploration, as well as ethological reciprocity and an emerging architecture of the human spirit. The residential building has an architectural and decorative aesthetic that harmoniously blends Bushwick's factory style with Manhattan's industrial swank. 'Unfinished' floors create an art-studio vibe that is inspiringly juxtaposed with polished apartment amenities. Entrepreneur Magazine wrote "A Gaudi Style building," today, House of Words became a touristic spot and a Brooklyn icon. 


Words are time travelers 

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